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Scooter, I know exactly what you mean. In high school a lot of people used to tell me I looked like a model and I had guys always wanting to go out with me. Then senior year hit and it was a disaster. I never had any guy talk to me except when I had some makeup on, which was not often. I went out not knowing all those hideous scars and pimples on my face and till this day I feel the embarrasment. Sometimes mirrors and lighting lies cause I didnt know how bad my scars were until I saw a picture of myself. I had so many scars etc, it was awful. I laugh about it now. With what I have been doing, I know my scars got so much better. That was like 4 years ago when my problems started. I still plan on getting a more profound peel or peels done soon. I just found this lousy pic of me and my forehead, you could not believe all of the scars and red marks. It practically covers my whole forehead like I am Frankenstein or something. Soon I plan on getting a few pictures of my forehead and show how I improved with before and after pics. I still dont trust mirrors. I also have red marks on other places on my face.

The things that screwed me up making my face worse in high school was picking on my skin when it was in terribly dry condition due to dermatologist products. Skin does not heal well when there is no moisture on your skin and your skin is unhealthy, at least no in my case. Plus I was smoking senior year. Scars also do not heal well when smoking.
Now, I drink a lot of water, do not smoke, do not use irritating or drying products on my skin, take my vitamins, and do enzyme treatments a few times a week to get rid of dead skin cells which I think helped my scars a lot!
I still gots spots on my skin that I plan on getting a peel to try to moreso diminish them, but it is no way near the hideous red marks, dark spots, and redness I had all over my face a few years ago.

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