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Ok, so I have like moderate but PERSISTANT acne, with an occiasional cyst. I have it really bad on my back and today I went to a derm. after my first one put me on mino which didnt work at all, and Ive tried taz., differin, duac, triaz, everything you can think of. and I wanted accutane SO BAD cause so many success stories and the guy puts me on Yasmin b/c, and a hormone blocker. I have a few questions first off, this hormone blocker AND b/c am I gonna be like a limp noodle *Im a girl btw* so like never feel in the mood or anything? plus he said that accutane wont work for moderate acne, and itll clear me up for 6 months then itll get back to normal so please help me here, cause I think this guy is crazy and any luck with Yasmin b/c??? thanks yall
So you hate dermatologists cause he wants to try all the safer treatments first before putting you on a very dangerous drug with lots of side effects?
Also, accutane has no guarantees either. I've read on here MANY times, after the treatment is over, the acne comes right back.

You couldn't take the accutane without being on birth control anyway, so why not give it a try and see if the Yasmin and hormone blocker work on their own. Many women have written on here that Yasmin was helpful over other BC pills.

Good luck.
I've been plagued with severe cystic acne for over 2 years. A switch to Yasmin last month has made my skin substantially better and it is improving more and more each day. I think it is certainly worth the try. The side effects from Yasmin will probably be miniscule compared to the side effects (especially long term) possible from Accutane. That is a very strong and potentially dangerous drug that should not be taken lightly. Your derm is probably trying to find a safer cure for you and your type of acne (since it is not severe cystic) while avoiding suscepting you to unnecessary dangers. Yasmin does not work for everyone, but it is certainly worth the try.

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