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Day 29

I saw my derm yesterday and she raised my dose from 40mg to 60mg but she wants me to split it and take 40mg in the AM and 20mg in the PM. I told her how I'm not that dry, not even my lips and she said that not everyone gets very, very dry. She said it might increase with the new dosage.

I don't have any new pimples (cysts or regular). I do have this one from August that is still there. I can squeeze stuff out of it every day! It is flat now instead of feeling like a marble under my skin. She told me to leave it alone and if it's still there next month, she'll inject it with Cortisone.

I asked her if there's anything I can do for my red marks and she said no. She said fade creams don't work on red marks and that only time will fade them. I was hoping for a miracle, but I guess I'm not getting it.
i just had some cortisone injections this morning- it was awful. i've been on the accutane for about two months and been "flaring" the entire time. it absolutely sucks, but the end result should be worth it. this last time was less like a flare, more like an attack. the doc even took samples from one of my cysts--eeeew!!! and then injected the heck out of them, there are probably about eight of them. and i'll be going back on the prednisone and getting on cipro too, as well as decreasing my accutane dosage from 60mg/day to 20mg/day and then building back up again. this is the absolute worst. it's not cover-up-able with makeup, although i pile the stuff on anyway! acne is bad enough when your in your teens and twenties, but at 30 it's quite unseemly. and i have to go pick my son up from kindergarten all swollen and gross. not happy, but hopeful nonetheless. is anyone else on antibiotics with this stuff?

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