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My acne story is similar to yours. I am going to be 30 in a couple months and I never had acne until my 20's. At first it was a few here and there in random places. Then when I was about 24, it got bad. I had clogged pores/blackheads up the wazoo and "regular" pimples. Then a year later the cysts started. Anywhere on my face.
Thats when I tried all the antibiotics, Differin, Retin A, Clindmycin, peels, BCP, ETC. The only thing that worked decent for me was Proactiv but that only lasted a year then my face blew up again.
Now I have figured out a regimen that works for me, I need alot of exfoliation. Now my skin is smooth and *almost* acne free. But I still get painful cysts that last for weeks and never come to the surface. And its all on my chin and jawline....and sometimes on my cheeks. I am sick of this ****! Luckily I have only a couple pitted scars but I have lots of red marks. I want to get Accutane but I am wondering if the doctor will say no. To someone on the street...wouldnt know I have cysts or acne because I am able to cover it up with makeup. I wonder if my doctor will think my skin is not bad enough.....I am so sick of getting my hopes up when my skin is clear for like 4-5 days....then I can feel one of those nasty BUMPS brewing under my skin.......When I go to the doctor I will make a point not to wear any makeup so all of my red marks will be revealed..... :o

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