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My acne story is similar to yours. I am going to be 30 in a couple months and I never had acne until my 20's. At first it was a few here and there in random places. Then when I was about 24, it got bad. I had clogged pores/blackheads up the wazoo and "regular" pimples. Then a year later the cysts started. Anywhere on my face.
Thats when I tried all the antibiotics, Differin, Retin A, Clindmycin, peels, BCP, ETC. The only thing that worked decent for me was Proactiv but that only lasted a year then my face blew up again.
Now I have figured out a regimen that works for me, I need alot of exfoliation. Now my skin is smooth and *almost* acne free. But I still get painful cysts that last for weeks and never come to the surface. And its all on my chin and jawline....and sometimes on my cheeks. I am sick of this ****! Luckily I have only a couple pitted scars but I have lots of red marks. I want to get Accutane but I am wondering if the doctor will say no. To someone on the street...wouldnt know I have cysts or acne because I am able to cover it up with makeup. I wonder if my doctor will think my skin is not bad enough.....I am so sick of getting my hopes up when my skin is clear for like 4-5 days....then I can feel one of those nasty BUMPS brewing under my skin.......When I go to the doctor I will make a point not to wear any makeup so all of my red marks will be revealed..... :o
I am on my third week of accutane-started at 40mg and just was raised to 80mg. I have had excessive drying of the face (pretty bad on my skin and around my nose for a couple days but better now), chapped lips that no matter how bathed in Aquaphor they are don't seem to get any less chapped, slight dryness of eyes (especially in rooms with ceiling fans) and other than that not to much. My nose is a bit dry on the inside but my derm recommended a humidifer which I bought this weekend. My hair is also less oiler...thank goodness it's a miracle.
I am 28 and have battled acne since my teens. I resisted being put on Accutane when it was suggested to me at the age of 22 and again at 25 because my acne is not what I thought people who took accutane had...well after sitting at home because my face was broke out when all of my friends were out at having fun and nothing (antibiotics, proactive, micro-dermabrasion, gytone, glyerm products, etc) seemed to work...I decided on accutane.
Is anyone else taking 80mgs yet? I was suprised my derm raised me so quick (I weigh 120 lbs) but she said if I was going to commit 5-6 months of my life to going through it, I might as well go all the way...I guess so. Has anyone seem the initial breakout period. I've been very worried about this as I over the last couple of days a new pimple has come up on my cheek and I haven't broken out there is years...breakouts normally on my chin and jawline.
Also, is anyone using anything to help with exfoliation?
Sorry for all the questions it just looks like a few of us have started right together and just wondering how everyone else is doing. Good Luck!

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