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there's 3 things that I use on my face that DO NOT clog my skin or irritate it:
1. maybeline everfresh concealer-this is by far the best concealer I have ever used-covers and looks unbelieveably natural
2. Almay clear complexion pressed powder in translucent-makes your skin look velvety and goes on invisibly so you can see your own skin still looks so natural - a dermatologist couldn't tell I had it on lol
3. Lancome blush subtil
thats it
[QUOTE=xo aLeX ox]anyone kno n e good makeup that lasts all day (i go to school and it has to last all 8 hours) doesnt get cakey or dry, won't clog pores, and won't look fake in bright or natural light? im usin loreal makeup and sally hansen cornsilk pressed powder which is fine but im wonderin if theres n e thing better i shud no about. ive tried covergirl and neutrogena and maybelline and they havent worked for me.

also, how is 100% tea tree oil on ur face? and does n e one kno of a good acne stuff that gets rid of the redness and irritation?[/QUOTE]

Firstly, its physically IMPOSSIBLE for ANY foundation to last that long!! But, that said, this is what I find makes it last as long as possible and look as good as possible.

Moisturize: After shower let face airdry and add a little moisturizer and add your foundation (oil free of course. I use purpose) BTW: If you think "won't it just make my face shinier?" and the answer is 'NO'. When we don't moisturize our skin feel taut and the skin thinks it has no moisture so sends out more oil)

Minimalize: Add a little foundation spreading well

Remove excess: Blot with tissue

Set: Use a powder brush (IF still shiny, if not, dont'), skim over the surface of the power and shake a little to remove excess.

Maintain: Every few hours, blot face with regular tissue. If needed, add little powder

The problem people make with foundation is they add too much and look shiny so they add a lot of powder and then within an hour or so its all congealed (sp?) and looks cakey and greasy. At that point they add MORE powder and make it look worse. If grease in coming out the best thing is the blot with tissue NOT add powder. I just gets a mess that way.

For light coverage I use Covergirl Clean and for more coverage I use L'Oreal Balance.

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