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I'm 25 and would say that I have moderate ( sometimes more severe ) acne with cysts like you. I don't have the clustered kind either. I mostly break out on my cheeks, (not close to the nose but closer to my ears and down toward my jaw), my jawline and sometimes my chin. The cysts usually turn up on my jawline or cheeks. I do have some scaring from cysts along my jawline and a ton of red spots left from old breakouts.

I don't get a lot of cysts anymore since cutting down on dairy. I used to drink milk with meals, now I don't drink milk at all and I only use it in cooking sometimes. I am hopefull that more dietary changes would help my acne.

I was on minocycline for 3 months. It helped a lot but didn't completely clear me. I won't go on it again because I want to stay away from antibiotics. I did get sick a lot at the end of my treatment and for months after stopping minocycline. Bacterial infection, bronchitis, vaginal infection and eye infection. I don't know for sure that the antibiotics had anything to do with it but I rarely get sick otherwise so I'm thinking it caused an imbalance.
Right now I'm on Ortho tri-cyclen, which was started in anticipation of going on accutane. I just changed my mind a day before starting treatment. I'm still taking the bc-pills because I'm not sure if I could stop in the middle of the month. I may even continue taking them to see if they help. My oiliness has been reduced dramatically but I'm having a pretty bad breakout on my neck which is new since starting bc-pills. Maybe it's just an initial breakout.

It sounds like your body is good at healing itself. Hopefully you won't get a lot of scars.


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