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I'm 27 and I have just developed moderate acne earlier this yr. It's been quite a nightmare to develop this problem so suddenly at this age but I guess it's just bad luck. Nothing in my life has changed, diet is the same or infact better. Actually it really flared up shortly after we announced our marriage :D

After wasting about 3-4 months trying various anti biotics and topical creams I finally am on Accutane for the last 2 mths and I think I'm definitely improving.

My doc just prescribed me the sulfacet- R lotion. I haven't used it yet coz I'm scared it may have some bad reaction and make my cysts come back again. I'm getting married in Feb and I don't want to take that risk now. Previous topicals have made me break out more so I feel skeptical.

I mainly broke out on my forehead and under my jaws on either side- huge big cysts. After accutane, they started reducing in those areas but spread to my cheeks.

I have to admit I have a picking problem (which I am trying extremely hard to fight) but luckily no scarring. Just lots of marks which will take time to fade and I've always taken long to heal from cut marks etc.

I was also on Ortho Tricyclin for about 6 mths and it didn't really help my skin all that much. Although the sudden outbreak of big severe cysts did not occur till I stopped being on the pills. However, I felt it was too strong for me and made me feel sick when I took it.

I tried Alleese but that totally messed up my menstrual system so I'm trying Nordette now. If in a cpl of mths I find I'm not compatible with this one either I think I'll ask my doc if she can put me on Diane-35. I've heard good things about it as well.

Sorry this post is so long, I just got a bit excited and carried away that there are others, similar to me, in my position.

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