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LOL, that's correct 1 - 2 weeks depending on the infection. However dermatologists and some doctors actually believe that antibiotics topical and oral are good to prescribe to acne sufferers and some do it for the long term!

If you use both Topical and Oral antibiotics you increase your chance of developing a regular yeast infection.

If you use Oral Antibiotics for an extended period of time 3months, 1 year, 3 years would be pretty lucky if you haven't also developed systemic/interal yeast infection also known as [I]Candida albicans[/I].

Of course if you have, this may be why you are experiencing more whiteheads & really stubborn tiny closed comedones.

Some people have found that they are REALLY sensitive to all sugars, including Fruit. When this happens, it probably has to do with you having an "asymptomatic" systemic yeast infection for have to starve the yeast.

***Anyone ever listen to their doctor when they said to take antibiotics with yogurt???? Why do you think [B]more [/B] doctors are telling you to take yogurt or probiotics while taking antibiotic medication....because it KILLS all your bacteria, unless they are [U]already resistant[/U] to it, making you more susceptible to the more pathogenic of bacteria & yeast***

Yeast thrive off of sugar so you can't eat sugar in most of it's forms. This means NO Added Sugar, Fruits, Juices, Sodas, candies, etc but it also means avoidance of Grains, especially Gluten Grains (as the gluten contains the yeast which makes breads rise).

There's a variety of diets to follow, none of which are pleasant, but they do work. People have found that these diets also or intentionally followed the diet because they believed their acne was due to Candida it it cleared them. Check out:

The Yeast Connection
(Mucuosless Diet)
Body Ecology Diet (BED)
Candida Diet
(or similar sounding titles, check amazon for reviews)

In terms of Probiotics there's lots of brands and lots of opinions on this. Generally those that decide to follow the above diets make their own probiotics. Although you can try organic yogurt & Kefir, generally they start off making their own Kefir and then slowly then can start to increase other types of milk based probiotics and then eventuall (after a year or so) increase their intake of certain foods such as fruits. You can also make your own from fermented Cabbage (I'll have to find the recipe) or take capsules, liquid or powder supplements (here's a few):

PB 8
Garden of Life (this has some good reviews among former sufferers)

Oh and I know that Sleppy asked if you could put priobitioc, like acidolphilus on your face and you can. There's even a few companies that make their own skincare with probiotics. I tried it with some liquid stuff (had to keep refrigerated) and it made my skin soft and may have helped with cysts but I don't remember anymore...sorry.

Anyway I've gotta go but I hope that helps some!

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