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If indeed accutane was the best thing out there, everyone who could take it WOULD and then would go on to be PERMANENTLY cured. However, it doesn't work that way for all people. BUT THAT DOESN'T STOP PEOPLE FROM TELLING THEIR SUCCESS STORIES RIGHT?
Its the same for jojoba oil, tazorac, birth control pills, antibiotics etc.
As far as modern science.....I don't really care. I just want to find what works best for me and hope the same for everyone else. I read everything out there that I could about jojoba oil, accutane, yasmin, tazorac, cleansers, moisturizers....etc......and THEN I MADE A PERSONAL WELL THOUGHT OUT DECISION TO USE OR NOT TO USE. If it doesn't work for me and it has for a million other people, odds are its just my body. There are people who advocate the use of accutane and people who are totally against it. There are side effects that most everyone will get and some that only a few people will get. There are a million different medicines out there that help a million different people with a million different conditions....BUT ARE THEY REALLY SURE OF ALL OF THE POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS??? OR DO THEY HEDGE ON SOME SAYING IT HASN'T BEEN PROVEN??
I admit I like jojoba oil. for me it helps...maybe for someone else it won't. But to say that people are putting out FALSE information is wrong. Maybe you feel that jojoba oil is a fraud or that the information is false.....but please don't be so closed minded about it. For some of us it has really helped.

And for the record...if I've used a product that EVERYONE else likes after researching it and making my own decision to use it, and then it DOESN'T work, who can I blame.? I also do not post a lot of negative information about it or call it a scam when it could benefit someone else. Most people on this board try to help each other with honesty....not their own fabricated "propaganda"

We all come here for the same reasons...which in my mind means no one knows any more than the other. Be helpful, not negative and catty. This all seems very "high school".
Also maybe a person that was really thinking about using jojoba oil and could really benefit from it, just changed their mind because of 1 post. Its ok to have an opinion, but there is a nice way to say everything.


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