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[QUOTE=annafcolbrie]Thank you all!
OMG, this is gonna be hard.
Breakfast for me has always been some kind of sandwich, usually whole wheat with a glass of orange juice or tea. Sometimes I have oatmeal. I never feel hungry for cooked food in the morning. The few times I have tried Tofu I didn't like it. Just a few months ago I tried to make an alternative to whipped cream with Tofu, vanilla extract and lemon juice ( don't remember the exact ingredients ) but it was...hmmm how should I put it...not so good :).

A few more questions.
Is oatmeal made with water ok?

[COLOR=Indigo]Yes, just don't add any sugar[/COLOR]

What grains are ok to eat?
[COLOR=Indigo]Quinoa, millet, mixed wild rice[/COLOR]

Is whole wheat organic pasta ok? I'm guessing no cause it contains gluten and sugar, right?

[COLOR=Indigo]What is thought to exacerbate acne because it messes with the intestinal flora. Though, not all people are sensitive to wheat.[/COLOR]

Plain yoghurt is ok so what about cultured fat free buttermilk?
[COLOR=Indigo]Too cook with or to drink? I don't think any dairy products except yoghurt help ance[/COLOR]

What about meat, can I still have chicken once in awhile or do I need to completely eliminate it?

[COLOR=Indigo]Chicken is fine. Just get the organic variety that hasn't been pumped with chemicals or fed with dead chickens. Also, you can rest knowing that animals weren't treated cruelly in order to feed you.[/COLOR]

Are all vegetables and fruits ok? Including potatoes?

[COLOR=Indigo]No. With veggies you should focus on GREEN stuff; broccoli, kale, wakame, spinach, brussels sprouts etc. Avoid potatoes - though sweet potatoes are okay (just don't eat too many too often), With fruits, berries and cantelope are the best. I'd avoid apples and oranges and opt for pears instead. But like anything, its all about moderation. If you about the go and run 10 miles then a banana is great, but unless your physical acitivity is that intense, I wouldn't eat them so often.[/COLOR]

Would this hard bread be ok - Wasa Hearty Rye made with 100% natural ingredients: Whole grain Rye flour, Rye bran, Yeast and Sea salt.
[COLOR=Indigo]I can't see thats a problem ( i Love Wasa!) But I don't know either way if rye is okay.[/COLOR]

What about spices? I love lemonpepper on my tomatoes for example.
Are all decaf tea's ok?
[COLOR=Indigo]Spices are great and they cause you to use less sugar, butter, oil and salt in your cooking. Just make sure theres not a list of artificial ingredients[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

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