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I am suspecting that milk is causing my acne, due to spikes in cystic acne around my chin and jawline around the times when I drink skim milk. Through a little internet research, I found out that most of the milk we drink comes from cows that have been injected with hormones. Coincidence? I'm thinking no.

Monsanto, the company which is notorious for applying biotechnology to farming, claims that cows which have been treated with hormones don't produce different milk than cows who haven't been treated with the hormone. And through some sleazy politics, the FDA made it "illegal" for farmers who don't treat their cows with hormes to advertise it. Thus, there is no way for consumers to know if the milk we drink has been chemically altered.

On that, I'm staying away from milk for a significant period of time and seeing if my acne improves. Has anyone else noticed a milk/acne connection? If so, did reducing milk consumption help acne? To me, it seems as though drinking milk (of another animal at that) past infancy seems to go against nature.

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