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[QUOTE=might_baal]How can you tell if your acne is hormonal or diet related or is there something else that causes it also?[/QUOTE]

OK, you can have acne because you have an allergy, an intolerance, or a chemical sensitivity to something that you are consuming (foods, toxins) or applying to your skin (fabric softener, cleansers, moisturiziers, comedogenic ingredients, microoganisms, etc), otherwise, your acne will be hormonal.

Hormones & Diet go hand in hand. You can have a hormonal imbalance and if you alter diet appropriately, you can correct this (when other medications below can't). However some people end up having an actual tumor on an organ or gland in the body and this may cause them to continue breaking out, despite dietary changes.

The only way to fix certain hormonal imbalances, if you've tried several diets and none of them work well enough, is to take medication, supplements or if it's a tumor, surgery. This is why people take accutane (antiandrogen & antigrowth drug), RetinA (antiandrogen), Spironolactone (antiandrogen), Birth Control (antiandrogen), Glucocorticoids (antiandrogen & anti-inflammatory). For simplicities sake I wrote those all as antiandrogens, BUT they would really be called "androgen antagonists" as they work differently to prevent either the development or activity of androgens in the body and/or skin.

I would like to clarify that diet isn't any less superior than medications. Our bodies are different and while we all have varying degrees of sensitivity and types of acne, just because one person uses one method that seems "simple" it doesn't mean that this person didn't have severe acne. EX:

[B]Both these individuals have severe facial & body acne & cysts. Both tried the SAME exact diet and drugs, but obtained different results.[/B]

[U]Subject A: [/U] Spironolactone 6 years only 70 - 80% clear. Gluten-Free & Refined-Free Diet 100% clear

[U]Subject B:[/U] Gluten-Free & Refined-Free Diet 80% clear. Spironolactone 2 years 100% clear.

This just has to do with one's genetics and how susceptible and responsive their bodies are to a particular treatment method.

So if you have chronic acne that's lasted 5, 10, 15, 30 or more years, the greater the chance that there is something wrong or imbalanced in your system. It could be any of the above, as well as hormonal imbalance that stems from your adrenal, testes, ovaries, pituitary, as well as perhaps your liver or pancreas. Generally people with such imbalances have [U]additional symptoms[/U], but there's always the exception. If you want to know what you may have, the best person to see for this is an Endocrinologist.

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