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hey im from the uk and i am wondering if you can buy tamanu oil from over here and if so where? im hoping you can, because ive heard its good for scars. Someone has used it for a week or something and the red marks are going. I would like some information on this and where 2 buy it and if i can get it here? please reply thanx it would be great!
the only thing i can tell you is to order it online. its such a new oil that most healthfood stores don't carry it yet. do a search.

i've used it for about a week and i *think* that its helping. i apply the tamanu first on the scars then emu oil on top of it and let it soak in for a minute or so. then i lightly apply jojoba oil on top and all over. it sounds like a lot of oil and EVERYONE says oil makes you break out but what i've found is that my really big cysts have stopped forming (cross my fingers) and my skin is baby baby soft in the morning. after all these years it just needed a break. now i still have small whiteheads but compared to what i had to deal with before this is no biggie. and if the red marks would just fade with time then all will be well. :)

p.s. the tamanu oil stinks a bit...a little bitter but not nauseating.

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