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Im beginning to think that my eating white bread and other grain foods containing gluten is causing my acne. Im not totally sure, but I was wondering if anyone else has gotten breakouts because of gluten based foods. I have moderate acne, mostly along my jawline. Also, would shaving with an electric razor help? Im starting to think that using a regular razor (Mach 3) could be causing ingrown hairs, and thus forming pimples. Any help would be appreciated.
Electric shaving causes less skin irritation than blade shaving according to derms. You should switch to double blades or single blades. If you are getting ingrown hairs you are shaving against the direction of hair growth. For instance pulling the blade up your neck along your chin is wrong. You have to shave downward with the natural direction of the hair. This will stop ingrown hairs.
I personally do not subscribe to the dietary hypothesis: if you're between 16 and 20 and breaking out along your jawline, it is almost certainly hormonal. In-grown hairs are also quite easy to distinguish from standard acne lesions, because, on close inspection, you will typically see the hair growing back into the skin. I have also found that the number of blades one uses does not make a large difference, unless you happen to have extraordinarily sensitive skin. A good razor with a pivoting head, like the Mach3, should not contribute to the problem.

Openseason is right about shaving with the grain, but the hair often grows erratically on the neck and under the chin - try to get a good luck at the direction it's growing in and adjust your shaving stroke accordingly - it may be that you should be shaving up the neck, but down the cheeks and chin.
Acne is definitely caused by nutritional deficiencies. My acne was caused entirely by my diet. It was caused by milk, not gluten. Although I noticed eliminating gluten helped a lot in the beginning, probably because it is so similar to the milk protein casein...I do not need to eliminate this at all, so I don't. I would stay away from refined grains or anything stripped of nutrients because that will only exacerbate nutritional deficiencies caused by whatever infectious agents are in milk. In my opinion milk causes acne. Bottom line.

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