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[QUOTE=LkK2507]Ive been on antibiotics before. I think Ive been on about 3 different kind the only ones I remember is a Amoxcylin and Doxy I think. Sometimes I wasnt good at staying on them. I always asked my derm if it was bad for me to be on antibiotics like that so much and build and amunity to them.

I dont remember how consistant I was with them. I think the longest I ever took any of them was 4 months. I had some problems with some of them, digestive and yeast infections. so I ruled it as a bad thing to do. But IM NOT a doctor and they seem to think its fine. I know I probebly should have been taking asadofolus to keep my good bacteria in my body. or eat yogurt (thats all me mentioned was yogurt)

question is What have you heard? what has your derm said about antibiotics. Is it bad to keep taking them and taking them. Did he say it could maked your acne worse after? do you always for an amunity to them? do they only worst best in combination with topicals. Please tell me what you have heard or ar %100 sure because it happened to you not just your light opinion. I think that happens on here too much and I get confused.[/QUOTE]
The overall opinion on these boards seems to be that most people think that
Antibiotics should be avoided if at all possible.
I agree that taking Antibiotics for a long peroid of time can't be that good for your body, if you are at your wit's end and feel that nothing else is helping then i think you should go for it, just remember to top up you good bacteria that will also be killed off by the antibiotics.
If you see no improvement after 3 months then it is unlikely that you will see any at all, so that may be a time to stop or switch antibiotics.
I have taken Minocycline for a period of 6 months and my problems subsided for a further 6 months after finishing the course allowing my skin to heal previous marks and blemishes, so it isn't all bad.

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