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Everyone is different & their reactions to certain foods are different. I used to break out after eating oranges as well & it took me a long time to figure that out. I don't eat them anymore & for the past several months my skin has been pretty clear. Oranges are acidic & the acid in them along with the sugar can aggravate acne. The artificial ingredient citric acid that is added to a lot of juice drinks & tart foods can cause acne outbreaks. You are not crazy & people should be respectful when you let them know that you believe something might break you out. Nuts are supposed to be healthy but for some people they can die if they eat them, is that a laughing matter? Don't think so. It is the same with eggs for others.

I have done extensive reading & research over the years to find out what aggravated my acne & I learned that wheat, acidic foods, eating a lot of refined sugar, & eating a lot of sodium can cause acne. I eat a lot of healthy food & watch offending foods but I don't go overboard & eliminate all food which it seems like some acne sufferers do. I eat grapes, blueberries, strawberries, cantelope, chicken from health food stores, beef from health, food stores, seafood from health food stores, vegetables, & occasionally non-wheat bread. I don't eat a lot of dairy products like yogurt or milk because for one I am lactose intolerant & two I found that I would get acne after eating those. I just try to eat balanced meals without a lot of sugar or salt & I drink purified water. I stopped taking all vitamins because I found that they surprisingly had a lot of ingredients in them that would break me out (i.e. small white bumps around chin area shortly after taking them). I love to shop at whole foods, the good food store, & other stores that carry food without excessive hormones, steroids, pesticides, hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, high fructose, & other filler ingredients that were not in food probably 30 years ago. Have you looked around to notice that a lot of people have acne now & probably more than ever. I hardly see people with flawless skin anymore & I link it to what we are eating & to the environment.

I just wash my face with lukewarm water & without a cleanser. I use the epidermx microdermabrasion cream which to my surprise & shock has done wonders for my skin. I don't use the camilia oil that they recommend with it because I discovered that it contains a high concentration of stearic acid which is well known for breaking skin out. It feels nice but after a few days tiny white bumps would appear. The epidermx cream did what it said it would do for me & I was shocked at how much dead skin came off my face the first week. It didn't make it rough like peels can do & the peeling wasn't bad at all because the dead skin just rinsed off. You have to follow the directions exactly & you can't overdo it as they state. I also use the super CP serum at night which is working amazingly for me to keep breakouts away & if I do get a few they literally heal within a day or so with that. The combination of those two things has really worked & I am keeping myself clear. Sometimes during the day I will use the exfol serum which works as slight moisturizer for my skin without all the extra breakout ingredients. I am keeping it simple & that seems to be working consistently for me. I don't post on here at all anymore because my skin has cleared a lot but I do read from time to time. I just responded because I saw your post about oranges & how people weren't believing you. Oranges also cause problems with acid reflux in some people & they are asked not to drink it. Banana's break me out as well. Good luck to you.

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