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I began taking Yasmin back in February. I started Retin-A Micro .04% about a month later. I had a pretty bad initial breakout (from the combination of the two) that left some mild scars. (I believe Clindamyacin Phosphate 1% would have helped with that.) My skin did get about 25% better but did not clear up until I began taking Spironolactone in May. I took 50mg/day - 25mg in the AM & PM. I quit taking the Spiro a few months later only to have the acne return (even though I was still taking Yasmin and using RAM.) About 2 weeks ago I started the Spiro again (100mg/day), and have only had one pimple since, where I would usually have 10!

For some, BC may be enough, and is a great place to start. You may also want to try a topical like Clindamyacin Phosphate 1% when you start BC to help heal your inital breakout (if you have one). When I used Clindamyacin about a year ago, it made my pimples go away much faster and left less marks (but did not prevent pimples, for me anyway).

I'm not crazy about the RAM because it makes my face red most of the time. But when I quit using it for about 2 weeks, the texture of my skin became very rough, wheras it was very smooth before. I can deal with the redness by using a good foundation.

For me, the combination of Yasmin, Spironolactone, and Retin-A Micro have gotten me 99% clear. My red marks from old acne are fading slowly, but are still visible.

I'm still considering using a Natural Progesterone Cream and/or Vitex to balance my hormones to the point of being 100% clear. It has been almost 4 years since I began having acne at the age of 22, which I now believe was caused by a hormonal imbalance that happened when I began taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen.

To sum up, I would VERY HIGHLY SUGGEST getting ALL your hormones (testosterone/estrogen/etc) tested before starting any BC/Spiro/etc... I really wish I would have done this - it may have saved me years of frustration and depression. If your doc won't do it, I'd suggest finding a new doc, b/c he obviously doesn't have your best interests in mind.

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