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ok thanks for the info...i nevefr had clogged pores before so im thinking that it might be that the cleanser i use isnt strong enough so i went out and bought the neutrogena pore refining cleanser and im gonna use that at night and in the morning use the that cleanser a good cleanser. Also my face combination skin dry then really oily around my nose im guessing from the retin a and i have cetaphil mostiurizer it works but it leaves my face shiny and when the oil from my face kicks in it makes even more oily but when i try other moistureizers tehy dont provide enough moisture and my face is still dry. what is a good moistureizer
[QUOTE=encaacne]ok so i have had mild acne for a couple of years and i used to just use proactiv but recently i decided to stop using that and i went to see a derm. He gave me dynacin 100mg 2 times a day and retin a micro .1% to use at night. i use a cetaphil mostiuring bar as my cleanser and i use that in the morning and at night...i have been using all this stuff for bout a month and my face doesnt look great and its red from the retin a but im gonnna stick it question is that now i have these things on my face that i havent had before they r like whiteheads but they r like underneath my skin and u can see them only when i open my mouth wide and like stretch my skin. what r they and how do i get rid of them. Thanks for any info[/QUOTE]
I believe they are referred to as milia. My experience with Retin A micro was that i got a lot of these , then they all turned into zits later on. get rid of them asap. I personally hated retin A micro, made me super oily for 12 weeks until derm switched me to sccutane

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