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Re: Taking Accutane
Dec 16, 2004
I was using mint Chapstick (from the Chapstick brand) and it worked well. I am using Blistex moisture chapstick (it comes in a blue tube) - it works ok, but before I was on Accutane this was such awesome chapstick. Oh well. Aquaphor is just amazing. I put it on my face, lips, arms, hands, neck, back... wherever I am dry, before bed after I get out of the shower. When I wake up my skin is so smooth and not dry at all, plus it just looks like a million bucks. If I don't put Aquaphor on I'll tend to have some dry skin pop up throughout the day and it's more sensitive. Aquaphor is the only way to go...

I'm glad you're done with your finals, I still have one left on Monday. I'm a senior in college now but it's never too late to have nice skin. It's funny because my skin was never really bad... it was just bad in my eyes really, but after only 2 1/2 months on Accutane I see how 'bad' my skin really was (only because my skin now is just flawless). I don't have any pit scars, red marks, active pimples... not a thing. Only 2 more weeks at 80mg / day then I'm going back down to 60mg / day. So for me it's pretty much all down hill from here. :D

As far as bleaching and waxing and stuff... DON'T DO IT!!! Your skin is SUPER sensitive now. If your cousin bleaches her arms they will probably get very red and stay that way for some time, plus they will get very dry and flakey... it's just not worth it. How long has she been on Accutane? Why not just shave them with a razor blade every few days / weeks until she's off? It sucks, but it won't be nearly as bad as if she bleached it and she will only have to keep up with the shaving until her treatment is done. It's just one of those things, the price to pay for clear skin. ;) Anyway, good luck to both of you guys with your treatment / side effects lol.
Re: Taking Accutane
Dec 29, 2004
get thee some blistex silk & shine, pronto! i've been on the accutane for about six weeks or so (i am so impressed at everyone who knows exactly how many days they've been on it!), and my only real complaint is the severe chapped lips! and neosporin for the corners too.

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