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What's up acne sufferers, I have not been on the board for a long time? Over the last 4 or 5 months I have been trying different products over and over again and nothing has been working for my acne. I tried Panoxyl 10% with Aloe Vera gel, which broke me out. I have used African Black soap with Jojoba oil (decided to go natural), which was a big mistake. I tried Panoxyl 5% with Jojoba oil, which didn't work, and then I tried panoxyl 10% with the Jojoba which didn't work. I was noticing that certain foods made my acne worse, however when I tried to do a more water, vegetable, fruit and less carb type of diet & it did nothing for my acne (but it definitely made me feel good mentally and physically).

Then about two days ago I started to try and think; what is causing this horrible acne? That is the key question. What is the cause? Most of the time knowing the cause of something is the only way to fully understand it and eliminate it. I started doing Google searches on acne and suddenly it came to me. Could my acne and many others' acne be caused by uneven dead skin shedding? I am sure everybody here knows that the three main causes of acne are dead skin cells clogging the hair follicle, the oil/sebum getting trapped by this clog and bacteria causing inflammation and swelling. I am starting to think that the primary reason for my acne is a poor ability to shed dead skin, which clogs the pores. The dead skin is what really clogs the pore, for it plays the role of a cork in a bottle and the oil is the alcohol trying to get out. So my BELIEF is that with out some degree of uneven dead skin shedding to form that cork a poor cannot get clogged and therefore oil will reach the surface more easily and thus you have a lot less breakouts. This may not be entirely right, but if you research acne and the causes not matter how it is put, it is evident that the dead skin plays the most important role in the development of a pimple. So I have decided that in my fight against acne I will try acne products that focus on speeding up dead skin exfoliation. I am currently using Phisoderm clear confidence facial wash, which has Salicylic acid, Lactic Acid, and sodium chloride (salt). Salicylic and Lactic are Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids that focus on removing dead skin and clearing the pores. I have only been using it for two days so I will not be able to post the real results until about three weeks, but so far it seems to be working OK. It definitely does not irritate my skin, so I hope it works. If it does not work I will find different acne products that focus on exfoliation because I strongly believe that is my problem. I came to this conclusion when I remembered using a cotton ball soaked in milk (lactic acid) and rubbing it across my face and I had so much dead skin coming on the cotton ball that it seemed like I would never stop rubbing it off. So I tested it again with milk and table salt (sodium hydroxide) this time and it was the same thing. Dead skin, dead skin, and oh yea, more dead skin! So I am focusing on products that speed up exfoliation and I would recommend that others try it as well. Find products with alpha or beta hydroxy acids, like salicylic acid (beta), lactic (alpha), citric (alpha) etc. Cleansers with micro-beads are supposed to be really good for exfoliation as well. For an exfoliation wash that exfoliates most, if not all dead skin at once (which should only be done once a week) get some baking soda (very high in sodium) and mix with about 1/2 cup of water and gently massage across your face. Let it sit for one or two minutes and wash off with warm water, and then dry your skin by either patting or gentle wiping (which I recommend), but never rub (rubbing is wiping very hard with friction). I'll keep you updated on my experience with this new method.

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