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Yea I found 100 x 20mg pills for around $200. My acne was mostly mild but very very persistent and seemed to be getting up towards the moderate range too often for my tastes. I only took Accutane after doing months and months and months of research... not just on Accutane either, but on all sorts of stuff. My skin as always been on the oily side and I finally decided that the overactive sebaceous glands are definitely what is causing my breakouts. Hormones have a lot to do with the overactive oil glands, but since I can't exactly take birth control I decided to take Accutane.

I hate to recommend Accutane (people seem to be against it) but since you already took it you probably already know about side effects and this and that. I hope you have tried or at least read up on the vast number of other products out on the market as well....?

I also have been making observations over the years correlating the amount of facial hair developments with the amount of facial acne, and it seems those who take longer to grow in facial hair (ie grow a full beard) seem more susceptible to suffering from acne. Of course this isn't 100% and is pretty far from being an accurate scientific study, I did seem to notice those who could grow a full beard tended to not have any acne at all. Razor burn and the occassional zit or two is one thing, but persistent and multiple acne is another. My facial hair has taken a long time to grow in, and I think the oil glands tend to be overactive mostly while the facial/body hair is still growing in. That is my hypothesis. I'm 21 now and am starting to develop more body hair and facial hair is getting thicker too. I'm hoping by taking Accutane I will buy myself enough time so that my facial hair will have grown in and my oil glands will have also settled down. I don't know if I am right but I am hoping I am.

The highest dosage of Accutane I have or will take is 80mg/day and only for a short time because I am not getting blood tests for my liver. A lot of people seem to think this is ludicrous, but all I can say is that I have done my research and this is just a risk I am willing to take... a lot of people think it just isn't something to risk, but then again this is my body not theirs... :wave: It's all up to you but Accutane is pretty serious. My course is 40-60-80-60-40 for 0.5 months, 1.5 months, 1 month, 1.5 months, 0.5 months, which adds up to a 5 month course total. The course is supposed to be 4-6 months so I figured I'd go with a happy medium of 5 months and this way I am also getting my "recommended" (1/2 the body weight in milligrams) of 80mg/day but only for a short time BECAUSE 1) no doctor supervision, 2) my acne wasn't really too too bad in the first place. I also think this pyramid course cycle is best to slowly adjust my body to the drug, gradually max it out, and then gradually and steadily bring it off. This was all my planning, I'd suggest you pick out a scheme that works best for you.

So anyway, once you get off Accutane do you go back to the scrubs and stuff? Or do you keep using the really gentle washes like Cetaphil? I was using St. Ive's exfoliating face washes and/or Neutrogena wash/mask face wash. They were both very good but I know my skin is going to be quite different afterwards. The real reason I ask is because I am afraid to experiment. I am crazy and decided to use St. Ive's medicated face exfoliating wash (with salicylic acid) about a month ago (while at 80mg/day Accutane) and it turned my face BRIGHT red like this :o and even after I woke up (washed at night) it was still pretty red. Everybody asked me if I got sunburned at a tanning salon or something... I just shrugged it off and said sure lol. It seriously took at least a couple days to a week before my face normalized itself. I also noticed my skin is pretty pale now that I am on Accutane. Granted it is the winter now, but I am not usually this pale. Yea so any help with this would be great because I'm almost done with my treatment! Thanks! :D

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