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BostonGirl - I decided to cut bangs again (haven't had them for about 5 or 6 years).
What is bang, girl????? weed?, speed?

Desertgirl - Ezcema can be a pain.....The neck thing has gone since I stop oratane, which is generic to accutane. Now I have some patches on my back.That's hard to reach. Is your dermatitis a result from accutane or you had them prior. My legs sufferred from ezcema, maybe i'll say from university stress and would you believe it...1 and a half year of minocin oral anti. It's OK now, but the scarring will always be there.

Its summer now in Australia. I was on oratane in winter but quit. Summer has come and just in time to break me out from these saturated, oily skin. I produce more oil than the Saudi's, I tell ya. If I do decide to go back on, it will probably be in autumn and low dose. I have to ask the derm something about my blood. I remember he said "everything was fine except for my liver.....but it's not important and nothing to worry about." It could be the long term antibiotics use that ruin my internal system with the liver suffering among others and many more disfuntional organs....maybe....

At 25, I feel the oil should go away..........I wish the oil will go away.....please...

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