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Boston Girl- thanks for you encouragement. I'm so glad that your skin has not broken out much since you have finished your treatment. How long has it been? I think it may be a month or two, but I'm not sure. I love not having to wear makeup too! Isn't it nice to put on makeup when you want to and not because you HAVE to in order to cover up spots or take people's attention away from your acne? It's amazing. I get ready so much quicker in the morning too, because I don't need to spend much time on my face and makeup. And I'm loving the fact that I have self confidence now.

I'm going to check out the products you mentioned. Are they prescription? I'm going to do a search for them in just a second. I want to baby my skin as much as possible. No harsh products or anything like that at all.

Thanks for your imput and I also wish you clear skin for many years also. I know we've sorta stuck together when others have made comments that listed the reasons not to take Accutane, but it's the best decision I ever made. I just wish I'd done it earlier in life and not waited till I was 23! Good luck to you and please keep us posted on your progress![/QUOTE]

I've been off accutane since September 1. So far so good, but I keep crossing my fingers. I agree, it is so nice not to have to wear makeup simply to cover spots but because you want to. I love looking through makeup in the stores now and not having people look at me like, "Poor girl can't hide the zits on her face that well." The confidence is through the roof now. :) I used to wake up really early in the morning to get my face presentable. Now I can be a normal person, take a shower, put some makeup on, and go.

The products I use now don't need a prescription. I did buy them through my dermatologist. I use the sebuwash, clay mask, and sebugel and use them all on my face at the same time. After I wash it off, I use the moisturizer and the spot treatment if needed. I tried to do a search on them online because for the 5 products cost me $150 at the derm's office and I was hoping to find a better price for them. I couldn't really find anything, but if you do, let me know....wait, we can't post websites here....I'll try doing another search. :)

I'm glad that there was someone else out there who stuck with me when people went on and on about how bad accutane is. It may be bad, good, or anything in between but the bottom line is, for some people it works and it's their last hope. I wish I started a lot sooner than 25 but at least I did it and got it over with.

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