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Hey eczema is really pretty gross. I get so dry that my skin actually has ended up breaking and cracking in spots and I'm left with patches of little scabs all over my arms. (Told you it was gross.) Honestly, I don't scratch at it (so that's not where the scabs come from), because I know I'll break the skin. I just apply lotion like crazy. I'm so grateful to have gone through Accutane during the time when I mostly wear long sleeves. If I'd done this in the summertime, I would have been so bummed to show my arms. The eczema is especially bad on my upper arms, right above my elbows. My lower forarms and the backs of my hands. My derm gave me a tube of super strength cortisone cream that that worked wonderfully... until I ran out. Since it was $40 (after insurance!) and I only had a month of treatment left, I decided to just wait it out and just use tons of lotion (poor college kid!). I may get the cream refilled now that I'm off the medicine. Unlike many people, the skin on my neck really never got all that itchy or red. My scalp was a little itchy in months 1 and 2, but that was it. I hope you find something that works for you... oil definately contributes to acne, but getting rid of the oil can be a pain in the neck (literally) sometimes.

Boston Girl- thanks for you encouragement. I'm so glad that your skin has not broken out much since you have finished your treatment. How long has it been? I think it may be a month or two, but I'm not sure. I love not having to wear makeup too! Isn't it nice to put on makeup when you want to and not because you HAVE to in order to cover up spots or take people's attention away from your acne? It's amazing. I get ready so much quicker in the morning too, because I don't need to spend much time on my face and makeup. And I'm loving the fact that I have self confidence now.

I'm going to check out the products you mentioned. Are they prescription? I'm going to do a search for them in just a second. I want to baby my skin as much as possible. No harsh products or anything like that at all.

Thanks for your imput and I also wish you clear skin for many years also. I know we've sorta stuck together when others have made comments that listed the reasons not to take Accutane, but it's the best decision I ever made. I just wish I'd done it earlier in life and not waited till I was 23! Good luck to you and please keep us posted on your progress!
College - Good to hear you are doing good.

My face is also so oily during the middle of the day and even worse if expose to sunlight.

I took accutane for the oil mainly and breakouts accompany by oily skin, naturally. These excess oil production is bound to clog the pores. I was all good and pretty much clear and oil free after 1 month and the decision to stop is mainly because of dry patchy skin around my neck and that dry lips and around the mouth is a killer.

There were also patches of itchy skin on my face (about 3 area). That is also the reason for me to stop.

All I want is a little oil but not too much. Hence, all I want for Christmas and a Fab New Year is BALANCE. I want my body to balance itself and in equilibrium. I suppose we all want that.

And yes antibiotics and disinfectant don't do anything because it is the oil that cause the problem, not bacteria. The root of the problem is the oil. Bacteria just proliferate when there is oil to feed on.
Not to worry College, I am sure you will be fine because you will be taking the full course. My acne is basically oil related with plenty of clogged pores and maybe a few infected, just like yours probably.

I was supposed to be on accutane for 4 months. I end up on them for about 1 month and came off it myself. The side effect was not worth it compare to its benefit, I feel. I was having itchy neck, patches of dermatits on my forehead and around my mouth and back due to the dry skin. Most of all, my oil was reduced and my face was quite good. I was on 40 mg with about 15 days of 20 mg.

It was still good for another few weeks and then the oil came back. But remember, I was only on them for 1 month. I was offered oratane because of my age. I was 24 and nearly 25 when I took it, Now I am 25 and still have oily skin and a few breakouts. I see my 1 and a half years of oral anti (minocin) and harsh treatments using harsh soaps, BP, BHA and topical anti, Retin-A (the worse, the probable cause of major irritations on the face) as a reason for this strong oil flow. But I have stayed away from these treatment now for a while
OK I see now. I was oily but it stopped after about 2 weeks @ 40mg/day. The dryness is EASILY combated with moisturizer. You have to use Aquaphor and Cetaphil face wash is just soooo gentle, anything else is too painful/irritating to use. I had really dry patches all over my body but I just put Aquaphor on those spots at night and stopped having them during the day.... in fact I only get dry after I take a shower, which I make sure I take nighttime showers so i can put Aquaphor on. I was really itchy too the first 1-3 weeks taking Accutane... it was difficult to tolerate, I remember thinking "just one more day, just one more day..." because I wanted it to work so badly but the itching was incredible. My scalp especially, and Head & Shoulders wasn't working initially either, but soon after it kicked in and my body adjusted. I didn't have an initial breakout, but the initial drying out was tremendous. I am so glad I've stuck with it because after about a month or two my skin was just flawless. I haven't had a zit in about 2 or 3 months... not one! :D I have about a month or so left on this stuff. I think I'll stay around 60mg / day for most of it. I am not sure if I should finish off the pills I have or keep them around to take every now and then. I've heard some people take a very low dosage for a long period of time.... I did the more "hardcore" course that everybody else seems to do so I think it should be one or the other. If worse comes to worse I could always buy more somewhere down the road... but after this course I'd go back to trying everything first before Accutane, if I ever do come to that point... ::fingers crossed:: :)

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