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Soulman - how long were you on Accutane and at what dosage(s)?

Desertgirl - how bad was your acne before starting Accutane? I think the pimples on your lower back could be from being in bed for 4 days srtaight. The body is strange sometimes which is why you probably just got them in your lower back instead of any place else on your back. Once you get back to normal (not sick lol) I'm sure you'll be able to appreciate more what the medication has done for you.

I am off this stuff in about a month or so, coming down off the 40-60-80-60-40 pyramid now. My skin is great, just so sensitive still. No acne, and my really dry skin has subsided a lot. I never put Aquaphor anywhere except my lips, inside my nose, and sometimes on my hands, and for some reason my body just isn't nearly as dry as it was. :) I can't wait to get off of this stuff because my skin has gotten kind of pale and if I ever have an itch and scratch it I end up leaving a red mark... they go away in a few minutes up to like 1/2 an hour, but they shouldn't even be there in the first place (the scratch marks I mean). I am not afraid to come off Accutane though, but my acne was oil related so it makes me nervous to hear that it isn't working for you. It is meant for people with severe cystic acne which is far worse than what I had, but nothing else worked for me so I went with Accutane. I am hoping to get 1-2 years or more of clear skin after I stop, which by that time I will be 22~24 somewhere around there and should be grown out of acne anyway. I'll just keep my fingers crossed I guess... Good luck guys and make sure you keep us updated!

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