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Thanx for your response SweetJade

My Endocrinologist prescribed the Avodart for my hairloss only. He said that although he thought Avodart would help w/ acne, his experience w/ past patients told him it didn't help.

I have taken two courses of Accutane (both full, four moth courses). One six years ago which cleared me completely (head to toe; I get acne everywhere, from my scalp to my thighs). I stayed clear for about a year and a half and then It began to come back, but not as strong as before the Accutane. The large cystic-type acne I used to get before the Accutane on my face (forehead) and back never returned. But little by little it returned on my scalp, arms, butt, thighs (other areas as well but those are the worst).

Then in the spring of 2003 I took Accutane again, but at a higher dosage. I weigh around 180 pounds (im male) and was taking 80mg a day for the first full course. In spring 2003, I was the same weight but taking around 120 a day (hoping the higher dosage would end my acne). For whatever reason the second course did virtually nothing as my acne remained the same if not a bit worse.

All this I explained to my Endocrinologist (who I saw for the first time last week). He said he has has good results w/ a full course of Accutane followed by a low maintenance dose of around 10mg a day or so (whatever would be right for me). He said the Accutane, especially me because I'm male, will have less side effects that Spiro, so better to try that first rather than the Spiro.

We all know of the possible side effects for men taking Spiro, so I won't bother to mention. But he did leave it up to me, he would have prescribed Spiro, but he recommended the Accutane, so I decided to try that route.

I don't know if I have a specific hormonal disorder, although I'm sure I do. Im 31 and have had acne since I was 14. I get it all over my body and my common sense tells me there is something internally wrong.

My Endocrinologist did not test me to see what hormonal disorder I might have, although I know he feels its hormonal. I know I should have asked him to be tested for all the hormonal issues (thyroid, dht, etc.).

During my next visit I'd like to ask to have the tests done. I assume blood work is needed. All he did was give me a quick medical exam. Could you PLEASE tell me what tests to have done and I tell him next visit.

Thanx for your help,

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