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[QUOTE=Dragon68]Hi SweetJade,
I actually have eliminated most carbohydrates (especially simple carbos) for many years now and still have oily/acne prone skin. After asking my mother this morning about any genetic abnormailities in the family I found out that two of my Aunts have Hypoglycemia (and that they have thrived under the Atkins diet). That is a good idea to have my insulin levels checked as a first step. Thanks for your response![/QUOTE]

Ahh, so it does run in the family. In that case definately get your blood levels checked and ask about Avandia. Also, in case you are wondering, I don't follow a Low Carb or No-simple carb diet. I had to eliminate Gluten as it was a BIG contributer to blood sugar problems. Actually Wheat and Millet (which is gluten-free) will increase your Insulin Resistance (can cause Hypoglycemia) more so than Rice or Corn will! That's basically the grains that I eat daily now (if I eat any grains). Other acne sufferers around here found that they had to eliminate either wheat, gluten or ALL grains to get improved/clear skin. If you've already done this and also dabbled with the possibilitiy of other foods affecting you (nuts & certain fruits related to nuts do for me), then hopefully the Insulin Sensitizing drugs will do the trick!

Best of luck =)

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