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Will this work!??!
Apr 17, 2003
I would go on Roaccutane, but seeing as I haven't had a single visit to the derm that hasn't involved tears, he thinks that the risk of worsened depression is too great.
I was on 9 days of Cortisone tablets...which helped my skin a bit...but as soon as I was off it, the lumps fired up again. So, in desperation, I scored another visit to my derm and the latest tactic is this:
*cortisone tablets (Prednisolone) 25mg for 3 days, then 12.5mg for the next 6 days, then 12.5mg on alternate days for the next two weeks.
*bactrim (Trimethop/Sulfametho) 800/160mg - twice a day
*diffrin at night
*eryacne in the morning
*Sigmacort (a hydrocortisone) twice a day on the spots (which is pretty much my whole face anyway)
*A low GI diet, ie. foods w/o white flour (no bread!), sugar (lollies, chocolate, muffins, cakes, even milk is bad apparently... - fruit is ok), potato...the list goes on...

I'm also desperate to start the pill (Diane-35ED - one specifically for acne treatment) because blood tests have shown that my hormone levels are scew-wiff... But I have to wait for the right time of the month to begin...

Anyhow, I would appreciate ANY comments regarding this treatment. Is there hope? Should I be going straight to Roaccutane? Does the pill work and if so, how long does it take to see any improvement? How long can I be on Cortisone tablets (because I would love to be on them forever!)? My derm seems to think Bactrim is the antibiotic most likely to help...any disputes? I'm skeptical about the GI diet thing (even though I did eat a LOT of bread and sugary things and happened to be someone to score acne)...anyone heard of the link before? Also, how the HELL can I stop picking?

Thanks for any feedback....

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