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[QUOTE=LauraOSU05]I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with getting a facial. My boyfriend got me a gift certificate to use at a local salon for a 1 hour facial and I am both nervous and excited. My skin has really been breaking out lately from OTC Lo, so I am hoping that they can get rid of all the blackheads on my nose, chin, and forehead and pop some of the inflammatory acne--without scarring. :rolleyes:

The only bad things I have heard is that there can sometimes be redness and irritation associated with facials--b/c of all the squeezing. Is there a certain mask or product that I should suggest they NOT use?? My family is going on a cruise on Monday and I want to make sure that things will be back to normal by then. Any words of advice....good/bad....would be appreciated!
Thanks y'all! :angel:[/QUOTE]

I have had stuff like facials before, they call it acne surgery:/...

If you have zits and black heads you can usually expect them to pop it. Trust me though, it can hurt reaaaaaaly bad if you have those big zits or alot. Especially if you hate and feel pain easily... My girlfriend has monthly facials and every time she comes home she sais she feels refreshed and her skin looks radiant=BEAUTIFUL!

The redness wears down usually after a hour to a day. It's nothing really noticeable to others, just you:p. But some of zits that were popped form a red hard cone that can eaisily be picked off. ofcoarse there will be irritation aliil bit due to the squeezing and everything. It has always worn off for both me and my girlfriend after a hour or two. It's not really much irritation at all though.

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