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I've had great luck with Tazorac, Benzaclin, and Triaz for the past year. Not perfect skin, but clear enough to be happy with it. In any case, lately I've been getting horrible cystic acne on my jawline. Hormonal I guess. It's getting to be as bad as my all-time worst last November, and I'm hoping that somehow Tazorac will pull me through again. I try not to think about the acne, but after having decent skin for a year, it is horribly unfair to me that I'm reverting back.

So right now I'm praying that I can clear up for my 22nd birthday in January. It's not looking so good, and nothing feels worse than looking like crap on your birthday. I feel too old to be plagued with this problem. And I can't BELIEVE that my skin could have conceivably gotten used to such strong medications.


It's so easy to take clear skin for granted. Most days I can cover it up with makeup and go on with my life, but I've thinking "Why bother?" lately. Funny how something so "small" as acne can put a damper on my life.

From here on, I'm trying to restrict my diet until my dermatologist appointment on January 14. I have no idea what I'm going to be prescribed, but I won't go on accutane. I've pretty much run out of topical options, so maybe minocyclin or spiro. Any suggestions?

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