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3rd visit to derm
Dec 22, 2004
sorry this is so long but im frustrated
so i just made my 3rd visit to the derm yesterday. its been 6 months since he put me on zoderm cleaner (bp 4.5%), minocycline, and differin pledgets. i stopped taking mino about a month ago because it had plateaued. my acne also had. initially 6 months ago it started to clear up real well and id only get a real small one here and there, but then the occassional cyst came back and now i get one or 2 of those every few weeks not allowing my hyperpigmentation to go away. of course the stuff he gave me made them heal quicker than ever before but still not preventing anything.

on this visit i told him i stopped the mino, and he thought that was a good thing and he said i should go on a gentle cleanser like cetaphyll or neutrogena and then once a day in the morning after washing put on DUAC. im supposed to keep using the differin at night however. he seems to be going with a lighter regiment even though it hasnt improved alot.

also for the past 2 weeks, i tried using retin-A every other night. it helped alot initially and ive been good about the less is more but its starteing to get a little drying. i was looking real clear until the day after the derm visit but now ive broke out on one side of my face. basically i feel lost right now. the cycle never seems to end. i think its clearing up but then it comes back and i have to start all over. what kind of cleanser do you all recommend for gentle purposes? i thinkt hat maybe BP does help kill current acne while at the same time making the healthy skin redder and prone to breaking out later so maybe thats his thinking for taking me off the cleanser. he didnt say anything at all really, so i dont know where i stand. the cycles are getting less frequent (every 2-3 weeks is still frequent when you got discoloration though). what do you all think about his advice? should i keep on witht he retin-a every other night or what?

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