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Re: Adult Acne
Aug 13, 2005
[QUOTE=Fedupwithit]I can identify with the person who said that they "hide" when someone comes over in the evening and the make-up is off. I have had my family lie for me so many times, that I was in the shower, or napping. In the summer I so want to just go outside on a walk without my makeup, but I fear running into my neighbors. I cry almost every day. I have tried anti-depressants, but that makes me angry because if I didn't have the acne I would be just fine. My husband seems to look past the acne, but I know that my isolative behaviors and crying episodes bother him. I too, have to deal with the public for my job. A few times I have called in sick when I just couldn't cover my blemishes adequately. I have also skipped church because of it.[/QUOTE]

I CAN SYMPATHIZE!! Now I only really have mild to moderate acne, but just recently it had gotten more moderate...

Just a couple of days ago, I had a job interview and only hours before I had totally screwed myself over and popped a ton of zits and picked at some so when I put makeup over it, it looked ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I felt like cancelling the interview, which I probably should've anyway because I wasn't really qualified for the job and it was basically just a big waste of time. But anyways, I have those days too. I don't want to go anywhere or be seen anywhere because my acne just makes me look horrible. And I don't feel like wearing a ton of makeup when it's only gonna melt off my face from the 95 degree weather down here in Florida in 10 minutes anyway. I wish I could just wakeup and go out the door without putting anything on my face.

And you know what really sucks? When people still think your pretty with acne. I don't understand this. I don't feel pretty at all. I feel disgusting. My boyfriend tells me all the time that he doesn't care if my face is full of zits because I still have a pretty face. I've even gotten job offers to do a photoshoot for modeling because I'm tall, skinny and I guess pretty but to be a model, I thought you had to have like crystal clear skin? I don't understand this way of thinking from anybody. But I just thank God I have a man in my life that loves me for me and overlook something like this.

My first actual dermatologist appointment is this Monday and I'm so excited that I'm finally going to attempt to fix this problem. I was never allowed to go before because my parents were against it and thought it was just something "I would grow out of" which apparently I haven't yet and I just turned 22. So who knows. And thanks for letting me vent. lol.

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