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Re: Adult Acne
Dec 25, 2004
[QUOTE=Buzzsaw]For those suffering from acne as adults, what are you doing, what have you done, and how do you cope? What would you like to share about your situation? I think we can find a little comfort here with each other's help.


Hi there~~

I wrote about my experiences on a "Murad" thread, but I'll share again here.

I'm female, 43, and I've had acne for 30 years. It was never severe, where people would gasp in horror, but there would always be some pimples on my face, all the time.... and I'm not talking about tiny red dots that other people lament over, either. My pimples have tended to be the inflammatory kind.. big, red, hard bumps that last forever.

Anyway, in HS I mostly used things like Clearasil and Stridex (basically useless), then in my 20s I discovered topical erythromycin. It was like a miracle! It really kept my breakouts to a minimum. It worked for several years, then stopped. I gave it up altogether when I started living with my (now) husband, because, frankly, it smelled bad. I just couldn't put that on my face and climb into bed at night :eek:

In my 30s I was having children, so I was not about to take/use any sort of drugs for my skin. My skin wasn't too bad then, and during my pregnancies I didn't have one pimple. My skin was so fantastic that I got compliments on it! Unfortunately, it went right back to "normal" after I had my babies.

Once I hit my 40s I started breaking out even more. The worst was when I had to meet my daughter's teacher for the first time. I had gotten the most enormous zit of my life on top of my cheekbone. The whole area blew up so large it looked like I had been hit in the eye. I was mortified. Less than two weeks later I got ANOTHER zit like that... I really couldn't believe it. I've never seen a "thing" like that on anyone. I practically flew to the dermatologist's. That started a whole bad cycle of trying different meds and winding up with irritations and allergic reactions. I finally just gave up and tried to "live with" my acne.

Didn't work. In addition to my acne, I developed big, red scaly patches on the sides of my face. Two different dermatologists said, "I don't know what that is." (Um, great... then who would know?) I tried another "cosmetic dermatologist" because I thought maybe I could benefit from glycolic acid peels. He said he didn't know (Okaaaaay). He also said he didn't know what the red patches were... maybe I had rosacea (Maybe? You can't make a diagnosis?)

In desperation, I looked online for acne treatments and decided to try the Murad line... acne wash, exfoliating gel, oil-free moisturizer. In less than a week I had totally clear, soft skin. No pimples, no red patches. It's my new "miracle."

I'm glad you started this thread, because I don't think younger people who have had acne for a few years can relate to what it is like to have acne for DECADES. If you have acne now, just think how you'd feel if [I]it never went away[/I]. Got a face full of pimples? Picture that being your skin, forever. At some point, you really start to feel ridiculous. And it's tiresome. In addition to the acne, I have really oily skin. Im my 20s and 30s it would be gushing. I'd have to wash my face several times/day at work it was that greasy. I'd have to pray before important events that I wouldn't wake up with a big, honkin', face-distorting zit.

If there is an upside, all the oiliness (plus no tanning!) has prevented me from getting any wrinkles. Still, enough already! I think I have paid my dues :) And while the Murad is keeping my face clear, I wish I didn't have to do any of it. What's it like to have normal skin that you can simply just wash and that's it? What's it like not to have to touch up your makeup a zillion times because cosmetics slide off your face? Doesn't look like I'll be finding out any time soon :)
Re: Adult Acne
Dec 27, 2004
hello everyone,

i am a 23 and have had acne since i was in 6th grade. imagine middle school kids asking you "what is that on your face?" in complete naivete...they hadn't even seen acne before!it has been an extrememly long battle and i've not won yet.

for a lot of people who have acne into adulthood, i see that they've used prescription after prescription without success...both topicals and orals. i myself have been on accutane 4 times! all of which had no success after ONE month of taking the last pill. not to mention i've tried all types of Rx: masks (sulfur based, and salicylic acid based), antibiotics (tetracycline, minocin, dynacin for years), retinoids (Retin-a/micro, avita, tazorac, diferin), benzoyl peroxide (Benzac - huge mistake!), systems (ProActive, Perricone's Acne prescription, Acne Free in 3 days, some system from LA).

ALL imaginable strengths of OTC products, BP, SA, GA, in all different combinations. let me tell you firsthand, NEVER combine a retinoid with BP unless you want to look like Freddy Kreuger.

and the supplements: B5 megadosing, Vit A, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vit C, DMAE, Vit E, cod liver oil, flaxseed oil, primrose oil, borage oil, spironolactone, etc., etc.

then, i started thinking....i'm past puberty and my skin shouldn't be acting up this badly anymore. bc i realized the more medications i put on my skin the more it would just spew oil.

so then i cut down to one topical a tone looked a bit better. then i used only Cetaphil...even better. but still breaking out. then i read Sodium Lauryl Sulfate can be an allergen. so i used water to wash only. still broke out. fast forward to 8-9 months of using only products on my face that i would ingest, having done all the crazy liver flushing and bowel cleansing, and i'm seeing slow and steady results.

i've used oils starting with jojoba, then added emu, then tamanu. now because of the cold i'm using unrefined shea butter and emu oil. after rinsing in the shower with water, then exfoliating with baking soda, and a hot salt water treatment with celtic sea salt i'll literally slop the emu oil and shea butter on.

contrary to what i've always believed, OILS are NOT bad for your skin. you just have to find the right ones. if your face is dry right after you wash it then that could mean that you just need to replenish it. putting on topicals is just keeping the cycle there.

sorry this turned out to be an essay...i do have so much more to say but i'll stop! honestly, i've never had results like this when i was bombarding my face with acne medications.
Re: Adult Acne
Dec 27, 2004
[QUOTE=Geyes]Wow I tried the Murad products too when my ProActiv stopped working. The Murad burned the heck out of my face. Which system are you all using? Is it the one specific to acne? [/QUOTE]

I bought the kit called "Get Clear. Stay Clear. Acne Complex Kit." It contains clarifying cleanser, exfoliating acne treatment gel, acne spot treatment, and skin perfecting lotion. My skin felt so smooth after using the products one time. I have to say my face burned slightly for a few hours for the first couple of days, but that went away. Did you use the moisturizer with it? That is an absolute must, in my opinion, or you'll burn the heck out of your skin. Also, I've read that if you experience burning you should try using the products only once/day at first, or even every other day. On the other hand, we all have different skin, so maybe these just weren't the products for you. I only wish I had discovered this line years ago! It would have saved me so much frustration and aggravation with my skin. No more zits... I still can't believe it :)
Re: Adult Acne
Feb 8, 2005
hi all. i am a 30 year old female with adult acne. i had the normal stuff in my teen years, a huge flareup in my early 20's that was controlled marvelously with antibiotics, bcp and topicals.

just over six years ago i got pregnant and all of that came to a screeching halt, along with my beautiful skin. being pregnant i couldn't take any of my regular stuff anymore, and nothing else seemed to work. i also nursed my son for 18months, so there was more of the same. after that i was free to go back to my routine, but decided to try absolutely everything else instead, to no avail. (btw, i tried the murad for two months and that exfoliating treatment gel burned like fi-yah!! plus, it got my skin in the absolute worst condition ever, but that's just me. and the proactive was also a disaster) back to antibiotics.

however, like a few other women here, i want to have a baby. soon. but i surely don't want to go through the same experience that i had with my son. let me say it is absolutely awful to not want to show off the most beautiful creation ever because you'd rather hide your disgusting, red pus-filled face. so sad! i totally understand that dillemma, having lived through it.

i am now almost three months into accutane, and hopefully that will help to curb it the next time. my son was an unexpected pregnancy, but this time we're planning it out, with the accutane treatment, and building in a six month detox period before going off of birth control. the 6 mos we got from this formula: the mfr says wait one month, the gyno says 3, we thought six sounded pretty reasonable.

also, accutane was introduced in the 80's, plenty of time for long term side effects to be found in children born to previous tane users and in my many, many hours of research into this i have found zilch. not a single thing, [I]as long as the mother didn't take accutane while she was pregnant[/I].

this drug is truly a last resort for me and it definately hasn't been easy. not much as far as side effects, but my skin has been flaring like crazy. my forehead and nose are completely clear, but both side of my jaw, my cheeks, chin and creeping down my neck are huge cysts with lots of good friends and little pus-y pimples. i've had to get cortisone injections twice, two weeks apart, and i'll probably get more on friday. also, i've been on prednisone for about two months, which is killing me with insomnia (that i'm prone to anyway). but i have been seeing a difference (beyond the incredible horror i mean) in the way that these things behave. i still get the big painful bumps, but they come to the surface in a matter of days, instead of weeks. sometimes, when they don't come up they just go away on their own.

for now, i'm really trying to keep the faith and do my thing. i work out regularly, eat my oatmeal in the morning (my cholesterol was up for a while there), keep in touch with my friends and family, visit this board whenever i have an hour or so, and just try to stay positive. not always easy, but important stuff to do. it's so easy to sit in front of the mirror for two hours lamenting what i can't control, punishing myself, making it worse, getting depressed over what i can't do, like going to the grocery store or the gym without having to first apply two pounds of makeup. having other people who know what it's like is so valuable. thank you all for being here. thank you buzz, for starting this thread for adults with the acne! :angel:

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