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Re: Adult Acne
Dec 29, 2004
[QUOTE=CollegeBoy21] My acne was ruining my life [/QUOTE]

If you go back to one of your first posts on this thread, you went on and on about how "you only live once so who cares what other people think" and "Oh yea, and as far as feeling self-conscious, you should really try not to. I'm sure all of you know this, but looks are NOT everything." I knew you were full of it! LOL I'm only teasing you :) but I really didn't think you had acne that bad if you could tell other people not to worry about it. And maybe it's true, if you have a few pimples when you're a teen.. big deal, everyone does. But I think this thread was started because you *do* worry about it when the acne persists year after year. Picture yourself as a business person and you have to go meet with clients with zits all over your face and you're 40. Or it's your wedding day and your face is gushing oil and you have painful cystic acne. You look around and all the other adults you see have normal skin. I never had acne that was horrific, but the zits I did get (pre-Murad, yea!) were the big, inflammatory, face-distorting kind. You can cover up the color with makeup, but you can't hide a big lump. ANYway, if no doctor would prescribe Accutane for you, I'd take the hint! It's not for you. But I guess that is neither here nor there now :) I hope your skin remains clear and that you stay healthy.
Re: Adult Acne
Dec 29, 2004
Hmmm, I think you guys are misunderstanding. I am not advising anyone to jump into Accutane. I am telling you all to at least read up on it. I thought I at least made that part clear. I wasn't broken out badly enough with the first dermatologist and basic antibiotics were working decently. He retired and I ended up going to someone else, who really was a lousy doctor. He didn't listen to what I had to say and never spoke to me eye to eye. He always had tons of patients at one time, which is pretty obvious he is a MD for the money. :rolleyes: I dropped him quickly, did my research, and decided to take a risk. My choice, so don't tell me I've made a poor decision please.

And furthermore, I gave you my current perspective so as to justify the things I am saying. Now that my skin is clear I can tell you that when I talk to people with acne I don't even pay any attention to it. Yea I notice it's there but I could really care less. Personality is truly what prevails. Maybe I just sympathize more because I had acne so I know how it's not their fault etc, etc. But I do know that I don't even pay attention to other people's acne anymore.

Kittikat - I am sorry to hear about your husband... but... if I am not losing hair now why would I lose it later on because of accutane once I'm off it? Hair loss is genetic, and given his age, I'm sure that is the cause, not accutane. Can you prove without a reasonable doubt that accutane caused his hair loss? As far as chapped lips, my lips don't even bleed now and my really dry skin isn't nearly as bad as it was, and even then it wasn't so bad. BELIEVE me when I tell you I've done my research. I am very adamant about this, and I know my acne was caused by overactive sebaceous glands, and isotretinoin is exactly what I needed. Needless to say it worked and I feel great about my skin. If you've read my other posts you'll see that I've also mentioned that the changes I thought would be made aren't as night and day as I had expected. Sure my self confidence is up and my skin looks great, but I am still me and people still look at me the same. I am not all of a sudden getting tons of gfs... all that stayed the same. We each have our reasons, just as long as it is truly justified and as long as you do your research before hand, you really can't make a 'bad' decision.

Kittikat - I just reread your post and you just sound so immature. Why are you worrying about little kids that are reading this? They have $200-800 for Accutane? A credit card? I don't think so. The fact that your husband has all these problems doesn't mean he accurately represents every person who has ever taken accutane. I am telling you I am not going through those things. I also told you that I made a calculated judgement. It was a risk I was willing to take and it paid off big time. I am making a suggestion to try it for those who are desperate for something that is very effective... as long as you do your research before hand. I justified myself in saying this too, just go back and read. Knowledge is power, and from what I can tell you have neither. To each his own. I suggest you stay away from accutane, but for the rest of you guys reading up on it will NOT hurt you and if anything will only help you understand your skin and possible solutions all the better. :rolleyes: Wow, this is what happens when I try to help other people... ridiculous.

One more thing, it is always the better option to ask questions first and accuse later. Zip, you didn't ask how many dermatologists I've been to, or how many I've actually asked to put me on the stuff. I asked one dermatologist whom I felt was a rotten doctor anyway. You guys are OBVIOUSLY looking for some kind of help if you are typing on this board. I offered my story and my help and you guys are shooting me down for it. I don't need to be on this board, but I didn't think many people with successful results actually stayed to help so I thought I would. As far as I'm concerned you guys already know what you need to do, so I don't even know why I bother. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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