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Re: Adult Acne
Dec 23, 2004

Thanks for posting this thread. I am a 34 year old female and always feel as though not a lot of people on this board can relate because they are experiencing acne at a younger age. I also experienced teenage acne but it didn't seem to emotionally impact me as much as when I developed it again a year ago. When I was a teenager, I still went to school and interacted with my friends. I remember being upset about it, but it didn't prevent me from graduating from high school, going to college and eventually starting my career.

Now (if I let my guard down) my acne effects all aspects of my life. When I initially started to break out with acne, I avoided my friends and family, took some time off of work and basically cried about it every day. I definitely am better and tried to remain positive for the most part. I guess what was the most frustrating was trying all these different products, topicals, creams and other things recommended by my family, friends and doctor and nothing worked. In fact, it all made it worse. I have come to the conclusion that the "beauty" industry just wants to make money and there is no real product out there that can "cure" acne.

I am currently using Purpose Gentle Wash Cleanser AM and PM, Cleo-T Lotion in the AM and Retin-A PM. I have never found a moisturizer that did not make my acne worse. Therefore, I recently purchased a humidifer, which I run while I am sleeping. My dry skin has decreased and my skin actually feels softer and smooth. Also, I on Othro Tri-Cyclin for Birth Control.

So far, I get an occasional pimple, but nothing like before. I was going to the dermatologist at least once a week to have cortisone shots for the cystic acne below my jawline, which were very painful. I still have the red marks, but I cover those with makeup. It sounds like you are concerned about red marks as well. Have you considered a concealer. Almay makes a great one. I know you are male, but it does not look like you have makeup on when yoiu apply it. People are surprised when I tell them I have makeup on. Believe me, a year ago I did not wear makeup. I have had to learn how to apply makeup and find ones that don't break me out. It has been hell.

So here it is, I have noticed that if I keep tell myself positive thoughts the idea of having acne doesn't seem as bad. I can cover it with makeup and nobody knows I have it. I have spent to much time letting acne control my life. The day I said to hell with the bloody acne, my quality of life has improve and as well as my relationship with others. I definitely still have my bad days, but I have developed some new hobbies and I am trying really hard to stay positive. Bottom line, we only have one life to live and I don't want to live my life worrying about my acne. Ironically, not stressing about my acne, I noticed that it has improved. Go Figure.

By the way, "less is more". I had really irriated, dry, itchy and flaky skin because my last dermatologist put me on so many different topicals that my face did not have a chance. My current derm. had to prescribe steroids for a week to just calm down the red, itchy and dry skin. It worked and we are back on track with the acne.

Happy Holidays and everyone keep safe.
Re: Adult Acne
Feb 8, 2005
hi all. i am a 30 year old female with adult acne. i had the normal stuff in my teen years, a huge flareup in my early 20's that was controlled marvelously with antibiotics, bcp and topicals.

just over six years ago i got pregnant and all of that came to a screeching halt, along with my beautiful skin. being pregnant i couldn't take any of my regular stuff anymore, and nothing else seemed to work. i also nursed my son for 18months, so there was more of the same. after that i was free to go back to my routine, but decided to try absolutely everything else instead, to no avail. (btw, i tried the murad for two months and that exfoliating treatment gel burned like fi-yah!! plus, it got my skin in the absolute worst condition ever, but that's just me. and the proactive was also a disaster) back to antibiotics.

however, like a few other women here, i want to have a baby. soon. but i surely don't want to go through the same experience that i had with my son. let me say it is absolutely awful to not want to show off the most beautiful creation ever because you'd rather hide your disgusting, red pus-filled face. so sad! i totally understand that dillemma, having lived through it.

i am now almost three months into accutane, and hopefully that will help to curb it the next time. my son was an unexpected pregnancy, but this time we're planning it out, with the accutane treatment, and building in a six month detox period before going off of birth control. the 6 mos we got from this formula: the mfr says wait one month, the gyno says 3, we thought six sounded pretty reasonable.

also, accutane was introduced in the 80's, plenty of time for long term side effects to be found in children born to previous tane users and in my many, many hours of research into this i have found zilch. not a single thing, [I]as long as the mother didn't take accutane while she was pregnant[/I].

this drug is truly a last resort for me and it definately hasn't been easy. not much as far as side effects, but my skin has been flaring like crazy. my forehead and nose are completely clear, but both side of my jaw, my cheeks, chin and creeping down my neck are huge cysts with lots of good friends and little pus-y pimples. i've had to get cortisone injections twice, two weeks apart, and i'll probably get more on friday. also, i've been on prednisone for about two months, which is killing me with insomnia (that i'm prone to anyway). but i have been seeing a difference (beyond the incredible horror i mean) in the way that these things behave. i still get the big painful bumps, but they come to the surface in a matter of days, instead of weeks. sometimes, when they don't come up they just go away on their own.

for now, i'm really trying to keep the faith and do my thing. i work out regularly, eat my oatmeal in the morning (my cholesterol was up for a while there), keep in touch with my friends and family, visit this board whenever i have an hour or so, and just try to stay positive. not always easy, but important stuff to do. it's so easy to sit in front of the mirror for two hours lamenting what i can't control, punishing myself, making it worse, getting depressed over what i can't do, like going to the grocery store or the gym without having to first apply two pounds of makeup. having other people who know what it's like is so valuable. thank you all for being here. thank you buzz, for starting this thread for adults with the acne! :angel:

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