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I was trying to read all the past threads about accutane but theres just too many!!!
So, If its ok, I wanted to ask some questions about it and hopefully someone can answer them for me.
1- If your acne isnt SEVERE (severe would, im guessing, be considered- all over the face, and well as small and large pimples plus oiliness), and your acne is in just one part of the face (chin) but still oily, and cystic in the spot, would accutane work? Could it make it worse?
2- Is it possible to take a very low dose over a longer course of time to see a gradual improvement..rather than a large dose all at once? (Im guessing I would be put on a low dose anyway because I am a female that is built like Giselle Bundchen (tall, and pretty skinny)...Also, with a lower dosage, would you get less side effects perhaps?
3- Are side effects (dry lips,eyes,skin,nose..etc) permanent??
4 - My eyes, to be quite honest, are not the greatest. I cant see far away very well, and after awhile, close up- things start to get a lil blurry. Do you think Im more at risk for eye problems if taking accutane?
5- Would a derm even prescribe accutane for someone w/ a condition like mine...Its pretty localized, and Its suddenly popped up...Im thinking they might try to treat me for a hormonal problem rather than Accutane or something. I would love to be oil-free and cyst free.
Well..thanks for any help. If anyone has any other info theyd like to share...please do.

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