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Emu Oil won't help smooth acne scars or make any improvement in acne. It's a biological oil that is very close to our own natural oil so it penetrates the skin in a way other moisturizers can't and it doesn't clog pores. It's an excellent moisturizer but you need something else to get rid of scarring. You need an exfoliator to get rid of acne scars but you need to be careful exfoliating because scrubs can irritate acne. I find 2% salicylic acid to be a good over the counter treatment. For really bad scars you would need a professional peel.

As far as facial hair...even if you're a man shaving does not make your hair grow back more or thicker. Uncut/unshaved hair has a fine pointed tip. When you shave it blunt cuts the end of the hair which may give it the appearance that there's more or that it's thicker because the ends feels different and when it starts to grow out the blunt cut edge is flat so you see it better.

Hair growth is genetic and the amount of hair you grow or how fast it grows it genetically determined. Shaving won't change the genetic design of hair growth whether it's on the face, head, legs, arm pits, whatever. At best it's an optical illiusion. Even Rogaine or other supplements for hair growth, while they help some they do not help everyone and they only work for certain types of hair loss. There is very little one can do to promote hair growth, shaving would be a completely ineffective treatment.

You may be noticing more hair because the Emu Oil has stimulated inactive hair follicles but it is no more hair than would be normal for you. Shaving won't change the type of hair either so if it's fine peach fuzz type hair it will grow back the same way after it's shaved. It won't become beard-like hair. Just shave it, don't be afraid. The Emu Oil is a really good thing to use. It's improving your skin health so the hair you're noticing is an indicator that the Emu Oil is doing it's job.

Hope this helps! :)

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