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Egg White Face Mask
Dec 26, 2004
Has anyone tired a egg white mask mixed with a few drops of lemon??

I did it for 3 days in a row and it was quite good helping me to tighten up my pores and making my skin a bit whiter. It also helps acne cos the egg ahite has alot of vit a that is good for pimples.

But i also heard that some ppl got good results at first but then the egg white mask clogged up their pores and made them break out.

Has anyone tried this be4 and did it make u break out???

I've tried it a couple of times and never broke out. But my skin felt very tight and dry afterwards and had to use a good moisturizer.
Strawberry Hill, heheh you read Delna's post to.

1 tablespoon of egg-white whipped up + a squeeze of lemon (dont put too much). smooth it over ur face..avoid eye area... wash off in 10 minutes....and look at a NEW REJUVENATED YOU!!
i have tried that egg white mask for almost 2 months
my family says that my face is getting fairer
but i don't think so
however i am not getting any new acne, the egg white mask might have helped me
i actually mix the egg white with few drops of lemon and 1 tea spoon of honey
i wash it off after 20 mins
how often do you guys use this mask?
everyday since i m having holidays right now
I used it once every two weeks and may start using it again.

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