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[QUOTE=sleppy210]I get really bad dry skin from the corners of my mouth and down to my chin. Also along the cheekbone line, like where you'd put blush. And in those same spots I develop pimples. I already have very dry skin. What can people with already existing dry skin do to get rid of dry flakes on the surface, especially if the dry skin is causing the breakouts?[/QUOTE]

YES!!! I have that too. isn't it weird?? For a while my skin was incredibly greasy while also being dry and flaky at the same time!! Even though it felt greasy I still had to use a moisturizer to soothe the dry areas.

What I do that works well is to use St. ives scrub on a dry face then rinse off and use a foaming wash to wash the face - using almost hot water. When its well rinsed, I dry my hands (but not my face) and put a glob of moisturizer and rub around. By the time I've done this my face has airdried but still feels warm and slightly damp and then I massage the creme/lotion onto my skin. This way it just makes it so soft.

I NEVER apply moisturizer to dry skin - it just doesn't work!!

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