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My parents are convinced that acne isn't caused by hormones. It's ridiculous. After all I've read and from my own personal experience with acne, I'm positive it's hormonal. My parents both say nothing but "why don't you go back on proactive, it was working". IT WAS NOT WORKING. Can anyone else comfort me and agree that proactive does not work on many many people's acne conditions?

Anyways, I'm trying to get myself an appointment with an endocrinologist to see if my hormones are screwed up. I'm not quite sure what else to do. I've been through pretty much every antibiotic, topical, and accutane. Anyone else have a good experience with an endocrinologist?

P.S. It's weird, when I'm going through one of my short periods of not breaking out, my facial hair grows slower, my facial skin doesn't have a general redness to it, and I even seem to heal faster. Kinda seems to point toward hormones. Anyone else experience this?

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