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I have dry/sensitive skin with moderate acne. Since it's wintertime, the skin on my face is like one huge layer of dry rough skin. I've tried exfoliating with everything you can think of, except a buff puff, i refuse to use that. But anyway, I've even been trying to rub the dry skin off, and it refuses to come off! I just bought [COLOR=Blue][B]Neutrogena Healthy skin cleanser with alpha-hydroxy acid[/B][/COLOR] in it (glycolic acid) and it seriously took allllll the dry skin off, and unlike salicylic acid, it didn't make my face red. Any almost everything I use makes my face red. But I have a problem with dry skin just building up on my face and causing pimples underneath it. But this neutrogena stuff really worked, after one day. So, for those of you who have been searching, like I have, for something that will take the dry layer off your face, this worked for me. you should try it.

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