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Jan 1, 2005
Well, I just wanted to let y'all know my success even if it is completly stupid. (it is 1:30 in the morning i finnished alot of research and dont feel like proofing this plz excuse my spelling and grammer errors)

I an 16 and around age 13 or 14 i started to develope acne i kept it under control with brand medacines, i dunn what they were(sry it was awhile ago) and then all the sudden i broke out and i mean it got bad. I was recommeded dermatologist and she gave me three things. One Tetraclin(i think something like that) Two a pill deoxyclin(agian could have spelt it wrong) and Three Benzaclin(haha got that one right i know). I started out doing it how the lady said and applied Tetraclin at the night and then Benzaclin in the morning. Well being in high school the Tetraclin gave me a problem, you see it is better to have acne in high school than to have your skin peeling off(i.e. efoliation), which is exactly what Tetraclin did to me. So i stoped it took the benzaclin at night and my acne cleared up perfectly. I tried suplementing the Tetraclin in for benzaclin several times when i had run out of benzaclin and was waiting for mother to get my refill and it did nothing.

I dont know why because the doctor never noticed i was not taking the tetraclin and always said it was the key to this whole treatment plan. Yet i got better and not tetraclin. Anyone have an idea why, it is probably just that i had a mild case compared to the things discuzzed on this website. I thought i would share because i was looking and am looking into scar treatments for the acne scars let on my face. My doc said i need plactic surgury, but i dun wana go under the lazer if i dun have to. Any ideas on a good cream or anythign like that to rid me of my scaring. I read alittle about injections of some kind but they sounded pritty costly expesially since i have alot of scars(haha). Thx to anyone who read this far in my little post. Any comments would be well appriciated.


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