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Well i wont post any more postings, about proactiv. This is the last one i swear, unless it stops working. But it is going on soon to be one month since i started to use it.

Right before i got it, my skin had a all time low. I went to the derm to get medical help. She prescribed differn gel, and another cream, with a pill. A couple reasons why i went were. It was the worse it has been and im 21, i am moving and meeting new people so i wanted to be confident and i was just depressed. What would happen i would try to fade all these marks, but they would come back. The derm says, i dont think your permantly scarred, but these marks prolly wont go away to end of june or so. That hit me hard since i was moving end of april and starting a new college. i told her i ordereed proactic and she said, this stuff im giving you will work better.

It is was mino something, and cylic something. Well anyways i saw the side affects and my stomach got upset already. It was like all this bad crap not just on your face, but mental change etc. So i had the proactiv that i just got and started using it. I was sort of happy, but it didnt seem to do much.

After a couple weeks, it was on. My skin started to clear alot and just my skin tone was awesome. Yesterday my mom says "your skin looks great, what have you been using"? I told her, and she is like that stuff on the tv. And i was like yeh, she is like i cant beleive it. Also i told her about the derm products and she is like she should have told me about the products, cause i heard about kids on the news kiling themselves and stuff using that. It makes there mind differnt, it is tru i heard about it to, i beelive it was accutane im not sure.

Anyways now on my skin. I still get oily skin, not as much. The marks are just about all gone. A few very light ones, no big deal. Yes i still get a couple pimples they seem to go away overnight. overall acne is like my miracle. it has worked that good for me i cant believe it. I would post pictures, but they dont let me to show you if you dont beleive me. I could soon go on that show or whatever, and be like look now. Whatever is in this stuff is great. i just hope it keeps working.

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