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Here's my story i'm a 25 year old asian male with mild to moderate but persistent acne on my face. Now on my back I also get acne although they are never anything big, but over the years they have left black marks..yuck. My face gets really oily if I don't wash it during the middle of the day. Most of the oil is produced on the forehead and nose region ( T-Zone). I use to have clear skin until around 18 years old just when I started college. Although my acne is persistent i've never had cyst problems once in a great while I'll get a cyst but they normally go away pretty quickly. Most of my break outs are small whiteheads/blackheads and I believe what they call papules (small little sand paper like patches of acne). Currently the region on my face that is infected are my forehead/temple region and jawline/lower cheeks although they aren't to visible. I went to the Derm. and he put me on Doxycycline twice a pill in the morning and one at night...and at night before i head to bed i apply tazorac. I started treatment on March 14th, 2003 so i'm three weeks into it. After the first week of taking my medication my lips started to get real dry and chappy to the point where it was flaky and breaking. Now I know one of the side effects of Accutane was dry lips but is it the same for Doxycycline?? Also my skin started to get dry but I do use a moisturizer (Curel). Currently i've seen some improvement but I do get an occasional new pimple but they start to dry out after a day or maybe the medication is working and i'm getting a somewhat small break out before the clearing really starts. My lips are a little dry but is no where near being chappy and flaky. I've noticed that dark spots that are left where a pimple use to be are peeling off. Is this a sign of the medication working?? The only marks left on my cheeks are a few of these dark spots but as I rub around there i can still feel small bumps. well anyways I'll keep you guys posted on my treatment and see how things go. Good luck to all who are suffering socially from this agonizing disease....

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