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I'm using the differin gel at nite(everynite)2 wks so far first 1 was starting to peel alittle and get dry..seems better now but i just place a moisturizer ov the dry areas...i currently have Neutrogena oilfree combination skin moituirser..seems ok..not heavy..I use the klaron at nte after the differin.i dont like using it during the day as it makes my makeup look funy and gives the faces shiny look..I would use the moistuirser in the morning after the klaron..good luck..I'm pleased so far..stil have a ways to go thought only been 2 wks..cant expect miracles over nite..I WISH... PS i think alot of your dryness if from using the brevoxly OR BP wash...that strong stuff..
I had the same problem, but found a combo that works... I am using the klaron and differin as well - when my skin starts getting dry I use clinique's face lotion. It is oil free and does a great job at making your skin feel less dry and overly tight. I also use a face shammy to get rid of the extra skin when I have bouts of peeling. (Yep, like the thing used on cars, but for your face)You can get one from Aveda for $10-$15. It's so cool. After washing your face (with your face still wet) you just dry with the sham and it takes off a LOT of the dead skin!

Also, it is very easy to keep clean - it dries from the inside out so all the dirt or whatever is pushed to the surface, so you don't have to worry about pushing dirty bits into your clean face. They last forever too - I've had mine for 4 years. Oh and how I tend to apply the cinique lotion is right after I wash my face (and use the shammy to get the dead skin off) I let the lotion sink in for about 10 min before I apply the klaron & differin.

Hope this helps - Oh by the way, clinique has 2 lotions one is a gel and one is regular, not sure the difference, i use the regular one, but if you go for the gel make sure to ask that it is oil free. -- Good luck!

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