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Ok not Herpes but you gotta understand the mental state I was in at the time of that post. I have retraced everything and narrowed down exact days and the amount of pills. Between 1/1/05 and 1/7/05 I took exactly 40 pills. I didn't take anything from 1/8/05 to today, which is 1/12/05. Between 1/2 and 1/7 I went from like 2-4 tiny zits to an entire face, neck, chest and back COVERED in HUGE red swollen zits - the unpopable kind. No whitehead, no blackheads, just red and VERY painful. I look in the mirror now and I have only flat red marks where the huge zits were. These things were like trying to hop off of my face, I looked deformed. I'd say in 4 more days I iwll be totally clear. Even if my reaction is super rare - wouldn't you still want to know what my experience with it was? Just in case someone else might have that happen? If you try Trimspa, I think you'll know within 24 hours if it will make you break out. This was instant for me. I know without a doubt it was trimspa. Herpes was the wrong term, sorry but I was beyond flipping out. I ordered Proactiv off ebay for almost 100 bucks and it came today ... and now I dont need it. But I will still use it to improve my skin. I only get very few zits but those are mainly from me not being able to keep my hands off my face. I'm a picker/squeezer/scratcher blahblahblah. I can't help it. I will let you know if proactiv does anything fo rme.

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