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I took both spiro and accutane. The spiro helped me out quite a bit, but I still got ugly cysts around that time of the month (hormones suck!) and I still had some flesh colored bumps on my face. Still, it was quite an improvement for me. I took spiro for about eight months.

Accutane was a miracle for me. I took it for five months and just got off it three weeks ago. I'm so happy that I took it. The dry lips, dry eyes, and eczema were sooooo worth it. I actually got complimented on my skin today! The guy at GNC (vitamin store) asked me if I took vitamins because I had such nice skin. It definately took me aback for a second, because I'm not used to that sort of compliment since I had such ugly skin for so many years.

I guess both worked for me, but the accutane worked a lot better. With spiro, I could pass for "decent skin" with makeup on; with accutane I have "nice skin" with no makeup on. One thing that spiro did that was so great was that it really helped reduce my periods and cramping. My gyno told me it has that effect on women. Being on spiro was a great eight months for me, because I only had two day periods and almost no cramps. Still, accutane was the better fit for my skin.

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