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This is more for the males than females. Do any of you think masturbation effects acne? Personally, I do, or at least I am starting to. I stopped having sex and masturbating for 3 days last week and my acne began to clear up. Then as soon as I did again the acne came back with a vengeance. I am going to try and stop for two weeks and see what happens. I don't think sex or masturbation causes acne, I just think it makes it a lot worse if you do it too much and have acne. This all depends on hormones. If you have hormonal acne like most of us do, then sex and masturbation will most likely cause flare ups through hormones. When I have sex or masturbate my heart beats fast and almost my whole body feels a heat wave and itchy. Sometimes I even feel small stings on my face once the heat wave reaches it and a pimple appears in the exact spot almost two days later. Sometimes overnight if I don't cleanse my skin. Doctor’s and scientists will say there is no proof that it affects acne, but that does not mean that it doesn’t. I beat you that if they did a test on my body’s reaction to ejaculation they would say “it’s just a coincidence”. Come on, that is denial, and even dogmatic in a way. There are a lot of things scientists believed that they knew, but were proven wrong decades later. You know how they think they know everything. I know this a hard temptation to resist, but why not try it. ****, meditate like those Buddhist monks do, lol. Seriously though all us males in hear who have acne should try to stop having sex and masturbating for two weeks to see if our acne visually becomes decreased. If it does, don't lie to us and yourself and be in denial about it. Just decrease how many times you ejaculate a week. Most of us will have to wait the acne out, regardless of how much topical, & cleansing crap we use.

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