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Ok it's been a while since I last gave you info about the laser, but I'm now i'm on my 10th treatment (I still got 6 more to go) and is going good I've seen a reduction in acne actually after my first bad breakout I only have one or two very small zits. Now I also gota tell you that I my eating habits changed as well I went to see a naturepath and being following his orders religiously, I think this has also helped. Right now all I have is light indented scars but I'm doing some peels after this treatments ends to try to get rid of those scars. I'm very happy with the way my skin looks compared to what it looked like a month or two ago but I'm still looking for the skin that I had 1 year ago I'm crossing my fingers hoping the peels do the work. So overall the galaxy laser will help but you also gota help yourself. I'll keep you posted with more info on the last treatments and peels.

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